Shanghai Daisy Co. Introduction

About Shanghai Daisy

Shanghai Daisy is the largest manufacturer of citronella candles, torches and accessories in China.  With superior product development and retail-ready packaging that differentiates us from our competitors, Shanghai Daisy is positioned to meet all your citronella needs.

Founded in 2004, our factory locations in Shanghai Pudong near the Airport, totaling 12,000 square meters, Shanghai Daisy is constantly looking for ways to improve processes and controls to deliver quality products on time and at a competitive price. We have two showrooms, one at the Shanghai factory and the other at our Chicago, IL office.

Shanghai Daisy is committed to be the industry leader in China for citronella products, and is dedicated to delivering the best value to its customers around the world.  Shanghai Daisy ships to more than 30 countries and is the only manufacturer to have received a favorable Anti-Dumping duty rate for the European market for citronella candles.

Shanghai Daisy’s current offering consists of more than 200 products with multiple packaging solutions, allowing our customers to successfully merchandise our products to capture retail sales.  Our colorful displays and multilingual packaging allow our customers to utilize our current packaging without having to invest time and resources to create their own solutions.  Our products are retail ready!

Shanghai Daisy is committed to being a single source supplier for all your citronella and torch products.  We pride ourselves on our quality, product development, packaging, and efficient production.